Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Redken - Hair Tips

Redken - Hair Tips: "Let your haircolor reflect your personality. You choose your clothes to match your personality, so why do not the same with your hair? Let the color and style you choose talk about you—without having to say a word!
Choose a color that enhances your haircut. Get the best total look by having a consultation with your colorist and stylist at the same time.
Pick a color that best compliments your skin tone to help you look and feel healthier and happier.
Create texture with the right haircolor. Smart color placement can help hair look thicker and more voluminous—ideal for fine hair.
Follow seasonal haircolor trends to look trendy and fashionable. A Redken stylist can offer you the latest color combinations inspired by runway looks.
Use haircolor to help you look younger—not only by covering gray, but also through modern color techniques that your Redken stylist offers. Redken’s Color Gels are the way to go when you need to cover gray. The versatile formula can be used for creative color effects, too.
For a subtle change, try Redken Shades EQ. Even if you don’t want to change your color, ask your stylist for a Shades EQ Clear glaze for incredibly shiny results. It allows you to keep your color yet get more shine and excellent conditioning.
Make sure you get a haircolor regimen that is convenient for you. Talk to your stylist about how often you are comfortable with coming back to the salon and he/she can choose the best option for your needs.
Hair color can bring on a big or small change, so choose the option that is right for you. From demi-permanent to permanent, the range of options helps you get exactly what you want.
Don’t let haircolor break your bank! You can achieve a subtle result or a major change with a moderate investment."

Monday, November 2, 2009

Low-lites Hair Color

Low-lites Hair Color: "These are the same as highlights but darker, rather than lighter than your own hair, produced using tints/permanent colour rather than a lightener. Again there are lots of variations on the terminology so just check your hairdresser's definition when you chat about this type of colouring. Colours range from reds to coppers to aubergines and toffees the range is limitless, you can even get adventurous and try several different colours together.
Low lights are also an option if you want to disguise grey hair but not loose it all together. You can choose a colour that is the same as your natural colour and blend out some of your greys as low-lights will cover about 30 to 50% of your hair. As not all of the hair is coloured the re-growth will not be as strong and so only require touch-ups every 8 weeks plus. Remember the more contrasting the colour you chose to your grey hairs the more often it will need to be done."

Redken - Color Extend Shampoo

Redken - Color Extend Shampoo: "Why It Works:
> Provides maximum color security
> Fights the four causes of color change: environmental aggressors, poor cuticle condition, coloraltering minerals, water attack
> Helps shield, stabilize and secure color intensity
> Leaves color-treated hair smooth, manageable and radiant
> Gently cleanses and protects
> Secures color vibrancy
> Leaves hair shiny, manageable and refreshed"

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Sunday, November 1, 2009


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October Salon Twenty-Two Day

Today was our spooky October Salon Twenty-Two day! We had a Zebra, a Witch, a Baseball Player, Minnie Mouse and a Mummy! So fun... Keep your eye out for our Salon Twenty-Two Days. There are always special treats and discounts! Yea!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Redken Color Class

Yesterday we had an amazing Redken Color Class!
We learned many new hiliting techniques that we can't wait to show our clients. When you come in for your next color appointment, ask your stylist what we learned.

October Salon Twenty-Two Day

Wednesday is our October Salon Twenty-Two Day!

Join us for Free Gifts and fun times...

Bring a non-perishable food item and win a free gift

Tell us your favorite Halloween memory for another free gift!

Check out our salon family dressed up for Halloween!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Amazing Hair Facts | Strange Hair Facts | Funny Hair Facts

Amazing Hair Facts Strange Hair Facts Funny Hair Facts: "On average, a man spends about five months of his life shaving.
On average, a hair strand's life span is five and a half years.
On average redheads have 90,000 hairs. People with black hair have about 110,000 hairs.
Next to bone marrow, hair is the fastest growing tissue in the human body.
In a lifetime, an average man will shave 20,000 times.
Humans have about the same number of hair follicles as a chimpanzee has.
Hair will fall out faster on a person that is on a crash diet.
The average human head weighs about eight pounds.
The reason why some people get a cowlick is because the growth of their hair is in a spiral pattern, which causes the hair to either stand straight up, or goes to a certain angle.
The reason why hair turns gray as we age is because the pigment cells in the hair follicle start to die, which is responsible for producing 'melanin' which gives the hair colour.
The big toe is the foot reflexology pressure point for the head.
The loss of eyelashes is referred to as madarosis.
The longest human beard on record is 17.5 feet, held by Hans N. Langseth who was born in Norway in 1846.
The fastest growing tissue in the human body is hair.
The average human scalp has 100,000 hairs."

Interesting Hair Facts | Suite101.com

Interesting Hair Facts Suite101.com: "Hair is shed on a daily basis. It is normal to shed between 75-150 hairs per day."

I find that people are always asking what is normal hair loss on a daily basis. It's much more than you would think! Remember that the longer your hair is, the more hair you will feel like you are losing...

Anti Aging Skin Care Products & Skin Rejuvenation | Bioelements

Anti Aging Skin Care Products & Skin Rejuvenation Bioelements: "Advanced Ingredients

So how do we choose what goes in to our products? It’s simple – we seek out the most effective, potent ingredients available. Sometimes they come straight from nature, and sometimes they are born from pure science. Either way, we do not restrict our formulas to one spectrum of ingredient sources. Each formula is developed and bioengineered for optimum performance. Our approach is integrated, responsible, and utilizes the best that scientific research can deliver.

We make sure every ingredient must meet the highest of standards, from organic botanicals and powerful antioxidant vitamins to lab-engineered probiotic actives and time-released retinol. And we only choose ingredients that get the job done – each one is scientifically chosen to deliver results above all else.

In turn, there are some ingredients we’ll never use – like artificial dyes or perfumes. Some say you can identify a Bioelements product without even looking at it, because its fragrance comes purely from nature – and nowhere else. It’s a one-of-a-kind harmony of natural aromatherapist oils that transcends our entire line."

Mention this BLOG at Salon Twenty-Two and receive 40% off your entire Bioelements purchase! Expires 12/31/09

Friday, October 23, 2009


Welcome to our new site! This page is designed for us to keep you updated on what's new in the salon, in our industry and with us! We will be posting tons of tips and informtation that you would be interested to know about hair and our products.
Keep checking our blog, or sign up as a follower to keep updated!
Hope you enjoy our new website!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pureology Goes Green

Pureology Goes Green: "Pureology is making strides toward a greener future
Better for you, Better for the environment

Pureology Serious Colour Care, the pioneer in sulfate free shampoos, continues to improve the environmental friendly line of prestige brand products that enhance colour radiance and brilliance, dramatically improve hair condition and ensure…Longer Lasting Hair Colour GUARANTEED!®

When Pureology entered the market, the brand launched with Organic Botanicals because pesticides and chemical residue can be harmful to nature. All Pureology products have been – and will continue to be – 100% Vegan and Animal Cruelty free.

Working towards a green future and celebrating the environment is not a luxury that can be overlooked. When consumers purchase Pureology, they continue to invest in superior colour care created with integrity and honesty as well as Pureology’s commitment to future generations with additional environmental and eco-friendly practices:"

Redken - Redken Difference

Redken - Redken Difference: "Color Your Hair In a Salon Because...
1. Your hair is your best fashion accessory—when it looks amazing, so do you.
2. Salon color offers you versatility and customized options to deliver the look you want.
3. Coloring your hair not only makes it shinier and sexier, it can even improve its condition.
4. You don't need to make a drastic change—even a subtle color enhancement can make a big difference in your look.
5. Your Redken Stylist is focused on the latest trends and has the skill and creativity to customize the look for you.
6. Using professional products in a salon setting gives you access to the newest techniques and advances in color science."

Sorme Cosmetics

Sorme Salon Twenty-Two is proud to introduce Sorme Cosmetics. We offer makeup applications and makeup lessons...
"Active plant botanicals, natural minerals, healing vitamins and clinically proven, age-reversing peptides help protect and improve your skin as rich color pigments enhance your natural beauty."

We are having an Ladies Night Out event on November 20th! More details to follow...