Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Redken - Hair Tips

Redken - Hair Tips: "Let your haircolor reflect your personality. You choose your clothes to match your personality, so why do not the same with your hair? Let the color and style you choose talk about you—without having to say a word!
Choose a color that enhances your haircut. Get the best total look by having a consultation with your colorist and stylist at the same time.
Pick a color that best compliments your skin tone to help you look and feel healthier and happier.
Create texture with the right haircolor. Smart color placement can help hair look thicker and more voluminous—ideal for fine hair.
Follow seasonal haircolor trends to look trendy and fashionable. A Redken stylist can offer you the latest color combinations inspired by runway looks.
Use haircolor to help you look younger—not only by covering gray, but also through modern color techniques that your Redken stylist offers. Redken’s Color Gels are the way to go when you need to cover gray. The versatile formula can be used for creative color effects, too.
For a subtle change, try Redken Shades EQ. Even if you don’t want to change your color, ask your stylist for a Shades EQ Clear glaze for incredibly shiny results. It allows you to keep your color yet get more shine and excellent conditioning.
Make sure you get a haircolor regimen that is convenient for you. Talk to your stylist about how often you are comfortable with coming back to the salon and he/she can choose the best option for your needs.
Hair color can bring on a big or small change, so choose the option that is right for you. From demi-permanent to permanent, the range of options helps you get exactly what you want.
Don’t let haircolor break your bank! You can achieve a subtle result or a major change with a moderate investment."

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