Monday, November 2, 2009

Low-lites Hair Color

Low-lites Hair Color: "These are the same as highlights but darker, rather than lighter than your own hair, produced using tints/permanent colour rather than a lightener. Again there are lots of variations on the terminology so just check your hairdresser's definition when you chat about this type of colouring. Colours range from reds to coppers to aubergines and toffees the range is limitless, you can even get adventurous and try several different colours together.
Low lights are also an option if you want to disguise grey hair but not loose it all together. You can choose a colour that is the same as your natural colour and blend out some of your greys as low-lights will cover about 30 to 50% of your hair. As not all of the hair is coloured the re-growth will not be as strong and so only require touch-ups every 8 weeks plus. Remember the more contrasting the colour you chose to your grey hairs the more often it will need to be done."

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