Monday, November 14, 2011

Want to know more about Massage?

A client recently told me that if I explained the protocol when it comes to receiving a Massage, that more people would feel comfortable getting them...  so this is for you Meredith :)

When coming in for a Massage, dress comfortably.  Once you arrive at the salon, we will ask you to fill out a short form that details any issues you may have, or health concerns that the Therapist should be aware of.  The Therapist will review your form and ask any questions that you may have.  This is a great time to let them know your preferences (deep tissue, relaxing, or problem areas to name a few)

The Therapist will take you into our Massage Room (think relaxing music and lights dimmed) and will give you privacy to prepare for the Massage.  You can unrobe to your comfort level... some chose to wear undergarments, while others are comfortable without any clothing.
The Therapist will give you a few moments to get positioned on the Massage Bed before re-entering the room.  Some Therapists prefer you to start face up, while others prefer to start on your back.  Your Therapist will let you know their preference.

We encourage you to be honest and open with the Therapist if you would prefer more or less pressure.  The Massage is for you and we care about your comfort and needs. 

You will remain covered at all times, except for the body part/ limb that is being worked on.  Remember, this is the Therapists craft and they are working on correcting and relaxing your body.  There is no need to feel uncomfortable, just breathe and relax...

Once your Massage is complete, the Therapist will tell you to take your time getting up (you need to get up slowly since you will be SOOO relaxed) and will meet you at the door with a drink of water.  Your body will need lots of water after the Massage. 

I hope this eased any nervousness you may have regarding a Massage!  I promise you will enjoy the service and LOVE the results!

Remember our new location is coming in January 2012 and we will be expanding our Spa services!!!  Wait until you see our new Salon and Spa!

Call 610-326-2205 to schedule a Massage with our Therapist Carolyn

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