Tuesday, June 21, 2011

INOA by Chris :)

Did you know that the first synthetic hair dye was introduced in 1907? Today that company still exists and is called L’Oreal Professionelle, and ever since they spend the most money to come out with ground breaking technology in the Cosmetology industry and the best products for their hairdressers around the world to create beautiful results on their clientele.

Have you heard of INOA? That is L’Oreal Professionelle’s newest and revolutionary permanent hair color line. It has supreme respect for the hair, covers 100% white hair, no odor, no Ammonia, optimized scalp comfort, sublime shine and infinite hair color power. What sets INOA apart? Traditional color lines are water based; INOA has an oil delivery system that maximizes the permanent hair color process while providing twice as much lipid protection to the hair. In 6-9 applications your hair can be restored to its virgin state.

As a hair colorist I have seen this product excite hairdressers from all over and equally excite clients. The buzz INOA created before it was launched was remarkable. In my 17 years of hairdressing, I have not seen anything like it. I have heard it called the I pad of the hair industry. I know that Salon Twenty-Two has clients calling and asking for it by name!!! I think that it is raising the level of professionalism in the beauty industry and as a professional there are so many choices out there for me to use on my clients and I take those choices seriously to heart. I won’t put anything on my clientele that I won’t use on myself or my family. I want to use upscale products on my clients because it matters to me just as much as it matters to them. Needless to say, I am looking forward to what the future has in store for the hair industry, because L’Oreal Professionelle is already developing it!

Article written by Chris, Master Stylist at Salon Twenty-Two

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