Monday, September 27, 2010

Why buy from a Salon? Article written by Chris

This is a topic that I feel very strongly about, as do other licensed stylists and salon owners all over the country...
Professional Hair Care Products (such as Redken and Pureology), are not sold to the mass markets; such as grocery stores and drug stores, by the manufacturer. They obtain these products through shady back door deals by stylists trying to make a quick buck, or sometimes from different countries. Take notice next time you are in a grocery or drug store at the quantities of the 'professional' products versus the quantities of 'non-professional' products. The people diverting the professional products only have limited funds and can't supply the regular quantities into these other outlets. Consumers are not getting what they are paying for! In most cases they are getting expired products (which lose their effectiveness), products that are being stretched with fillers or products that may have a toxic bacteria that can be harmful to your health.
The cost of the products are the same or even sometimes more expensive than when purchased in a professional salon! Unfortunately, although they may not realize it, the consumers are devaluing the professionalism of the product and the beauty industry when purchasing these products from the mass markets.

The good news is...
When you purchase products at Salon Twenty-Two, you not only have the professional recommendation for the products that your hair needs to achieve the optimum results, but you have the promise that we know where the products are coming from, that they are not being tampered with, and we guarantee your prescribed home care products!
We use the proceeds from your retail purchases to fund our continued education, which allows us to continue delivering Cutting and Coloring techniques that are the best in the industry.
Supporting your stylist and salon by only purchasing your home hair care products from us is beneficial to our clientele for so many reasons. For me it is the foundation on which I can build my relationships with my clients; it's a matter of TRUST.

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